Sunday, 11 January 2009

TFL Update: Growth.

All the seeds have now been sown.

Acacia calamifolia planted 8 Dec, Eucalyptus gracilis, E. oleosa (planted on the 15 Dec) and E. porosa planted 29 Dec.

The Acacia papyrocarpa that were planted earlier
have been thinned out now.
When they have settled from this transplanting they will go out in full sun.

The Melaeuca lanceolata will follow soon when they are thinned but we are expecting a blast of hot weather this week so they will wait until that has passed .
These Melaeucas have had a dose of liquid fertilizer as per the instruction book since they grow from very tiny seed.

The Acacia calamifolia are coming up...

as are the Eucalyptus oleosa that were sown on the 15 Dec.

and the Eucalyptus gracilis

The very first Eucayptus porosa seedlings
planted on 29 Dec are just showing through.

With the arrival of the hot weather their growth will increase but so will their need to be watered up to 3 times a day. cool

Thank You Peggy for asking about reminded me that I hadn't posted this update yet! redface wink


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