Friday, 2 January 2009

SA Plastic Bag Ban

Is Your Green Shopping Bag really Green?

Jan 1 2009 ABC News...
From today South Australian retailers have to provide alternatives to lightweight plastic bags, before a full ban starts in May.
Most retailers are offering the alternate "green bag" but now The Australian Retailers Association says that:
The green bags are five times greater in carbon footprint than a plastic bag
They also have their environmental issues and this is just an inconvenience that South Australians will have to put up with.
So what to do??? eekquestioneek

Make some bags out of scrap cotton fabric you have at home!!
Like these I made from the Tutorial on this link

Or re-vamp an old canvas backpack...
like I did with Doc's old Uni bag!
(It's OK I bought him a new one)

Or we could use the calico bags that we buy our bread flour in. They even come with handles and a draw string. I find them a bit long for shopping but use them to store potatoes, the containers for our home made ice cream, our Mouli Food Mill lives in the cupboard inside one as does the Sausage maker. Doc even has old cloths for cleaning stored in them in his workshop as well as other stuff.
I also use them to make shorts for Doc! mrgreen

When these Cotton and Calico bags are worn out
they can go on the compost heap!

Where will the old green bags go?


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