Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Extra Weekend Jobs

The sun was out and the temperature on the rise...apart from getting the rest of the shade up we had to tie up some rampant Roma Tomatoes.

When I planted these low growing tomatoes in a wicking bed I had no intention of staking them...I can't put stakes in Wicking Beds as the base is lined with plastic. So now that these plants are over growing everything in sight it was time to tie them up somehow??

Answer: Star pickets (droppers) on the outside of the beds and strings connecting them to hold up the plants. To make sure the pickets are safe we cut some slits into tennis balls and popped them over the top. They are nice and bright and soft too! wink

That idea (actually from one of my Garden Group friends) came out of this book from Peter Cundall. It's full of great gardening tips that folks have sent in to the ABC TV Gardening Australia show over the years.

Another safety feature is this nifty hose caddy idea I came across on the great blog called Homegrown Evolution

We already had some cut-down tyres (tires in USA) around the place so it was easy to grab one to wind up the hose into. No more tripping over the untidy hose lying around eh Doc! rolleyes razz

Hey and any chook owners should check out this post from the Homegrown Evolution site too for the video of the Long Crowing Roosters but I'm not too sure that I'd like to wake up to one of these fellows every morning! eekmrgreen


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