Sunday, 22 June 2008

The New Rooster

A silent one...the best kind!

The latest Swap on Aussies Living Simply was for a home made item.
My collection of homemade cookies in calico bags went of to My Swap Buddy in South East Queensland and my package arrived soon after from Far North Queensland (up where our DD, PKT lives)

When I opened the huge box that it came in I found a beautiful handmade rooster weather vane made from recycled copper from an old hot water system. WOW
In the package was also some great homemade glycerin soap made from the by-product of biodiesel (vegi oil and lard) and lots of seeds for growing some unusual plants.

Doc put the rooster up on one of the new high posts on the main veg garden's new chook run...he'll be able to keep an eye on the girls there.

Thank you 'Swap Mate' for the gift.

Spudz In June!

Garden Log 22 Jun 08:

We celebrated the Winter Solstice
with a chilly but sunny day in the garden.

The last 2 weeks have been damp,
No temps below zero just (0.1C)
Highest max has been 16.4C
About 7mm of rain...drizzle really!

Despite the cooler weather I've just harvested some lovely Potatoes
including some of the purple fleshed Sapphires...
these spuds grew up when I started to water Bed 2
back in February and they survived the March Heatwave.

More potatoes decided to sprout on Bed 6 a month or so ago and have been enjoying the rain so much they looked to good to leave for the frost to get them so I built a mini tunnel over the bed. Last summer's Capsicum crop is still going strong in that bed so they will appreciate the warmth too. I planted 2 rows of dwarf broad beans in the empty side of the row...they don't really need the extra warmth but I have left their planting a bit late so they might do well in there.

I've potted up a few of the Acacias, Tagasaste and Carobs
that were planted earlier
and as I had a couple of spare pots
I popped some Warrigal Greens in too.
I think there is a couple of Purple Asparagus seedlings in there too.

Last week I potted up 8 punnets of Flat Leaved Parsley
that was growing at the end of Bed 6.
Then I found another clump under one of the plum trees! rolleyes

When I was tidying up under one of the Apricot trees I noticed 6 small seedling trees growing.
So guess what? I potted those up too.
It's OK I won't be planting all of these plants out they will go to the Garden Club trading table...someone will buy them!!

The best news of the week.........

....we have our first Roi de Carouby Snow Pea! Ya!
There are others setting too. cool

Saturday, 21 June 2008

New Tank Beds

Last week Doc bartered a bag of his yummy homemade rolls to get a load of loam...the bloke mixed in some well rotted horse manure with it. Just the right mix to top up the tankbeds when they were moved.

This morning wasn't icy and it wasn't raining either so we decided to get stuck into this job! mrgreen
Emptying the tanks was the hardest bit coz we'd put rocks and junk into the bottoms for filling. rolleyes
When empty they rolled out easily to go over to the main veg block on the otherside of the house.
This has left an empty patch in the dog pen that Doc has been pondering about all afternoon...he's been reading the "Cob Oven' and the 'Straw Bale Building' Books (see below) and madly taking thinks he has a plan!!!!

Back to the tanks...they were refilled with some rubble (and rocks) then some of the loam, and topped with the upper layer of soil from the old tanks (this contained lots of mulch and worm castings so we didn't want to bury all that goodness).

The first tank was planted up with a Jostaberry cutting that had been sitting in a pot for a long time waiting for some decent weather to plant it out. I rescued some Strawberry plants from the bed that will be re-developed soon. These were popped around the edge and in the back (hard-to-get-to) corner a Seaside Daisy, Catmint and Variegated Society Garlic.

The other one placed at the entrance to the new Chook run contains Corn Salad, Celpar, Lettuces, Red Radicchio, Coriander with some Tree Onions and Shallots inter-mingled. Should make for a yummy Salad Picking Bed.

I topped the beds up with a layer of well rotted Chook Mulch from the Chooks' Pergola area.
These Tank Beds are labelled 'e' and 'f' on the layout map Here

Those books:
Back Yard Ovens
Small Strawbale

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Freedom Gardeners

I've recently joined the new community
from Path To Freedom called Freedom Gardeners.

You can get a nifty little icon for your blog

I chose this one because ever since I watched their Video clip called "Homegrown Revolution" Watch it Here I can't get that song out of my head Revolution.

Monday, 9 June 2008

This is More Like it!

Garden Log 8 Jun 08:

It's beginning to look a lot like winter.

Cold and wet
Temps: Max 10C and min down to 1C
Fortunately not on the same day
This week we've had 20mm of rain.

No rain Saturday so we were out
collecting wood for the fire.
The wood is from all the pruned
and fallen branches around the garden.

In the Pathside Edge Picking Bed see here:

The Roi de Carouby Snow Peas are flowering...
...a pretty change from white pea flowers.

As I pick the Broccoli there are already
little side sprouts forming for another harvest.

The mini Cauliflowers are forming.

Things are moving along with the new
Main Vegetable Garden Re-design.
See details here:

The fence is up and hoses are being redirected and/or pulled up.

While tidying up around the garden I've been popping cuttings into pots; Eremophila, Lamb's Ears, Arctotis, Southernwood, Daisies and some Wallflower that I accidentally broke off when I pulled up one of the dripper hoses. It's a bit cold for taking cuttings but at least they don't wilt at this time of the year. wink

Go here for some more Early Winter Photos.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Early Winter

Roi de Carouby Snow Peas flowering in the rain.

Wicking Box Broccoli sprouting after picking 10 days ago!

Wicking Box Cauliflower budding up.

Wicking Tub Senposai and Parsley

Brassicas and Silverbeet in Dog Pen Wicking Bed

Sunday, 1 June 2008

A Mild Start to Winter

Garden Log 1 Jun 08

I've been a dweller on the plains,
have sighed when summer days were gone;
No more I'll sigh; for winter here
Hath gladsome gardens of his own.
- Dorothy Wordsworth

Winter is here today.
There's ice on the car most mornings.
No rain during the last 2 weeks.

That doesn't matter because there's 0% evaporation for the next 2 months. Whatever water gets put on the garden is available to the plants.

And don't they love that idea! Parsley on Bed 10

On Bed 6 the Capsicums are hanging in there,
some potatoes have decided to pop up with the rain
and I thought I'd dug them all out! rolleyes
I've bought some plastic to make a mini tunnel for them.

I'm already picking Kale from Bed 2 for the chooks!

Bed 10's wicking bed is powering away!

The experimental Leeks are loving the wicking bed.
On the other bed the rain has brought up lots of Coriander
from the seeds I sprinkled around!
Lots of Coriander!

Over in the Dog Pen Garden the wicking bed is great too
BUT the rain there has reminded me
how seedy that pea straw mulch was...
...peas are popping up everywhere.

During our tour (see here) of The Food Forest last month Graham Brookman said that buying in pea straw might not be a good idea because of the chance of importing insect eggs and disease into our home gardens.
Of course I heard this just after I'd covered my garden with pea straw!
Something to consider for next time...

Almost forgot to add that we harvested the yummiest Broccoli from one of the wicking boxes last weekend and there's lots more coming on in the Pathside Edge Picking Bed.


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