Thursday, 4 December 2008

Trees For Life - Watering Update

I have been granted a permit for water that says:
"Trees For Life seedlings may be watered via a hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle at anytime."
This will come in handy later when the seedling trees will required watering at least twice a day (more often in the heat of summer).

BUT For germinating the native seeds from Trees For Life I choose to use rainwater as I do for all my seeds.

The new Rainwater Tank we installed this year is at ground level unlike our old one that is on a 1 metre high stand. This means that the water coming from the new tank (which is closest to the Trees For Life bench) is not under significant pressure.
This is fine for garden use but not good enough to bring the water up to the bench height.

The newly planted seeds need to be watered by a fine mist to avoid dislodging the seeds. I started using a small 2 litre hand held pressure spray unit but this needed to be refilled too often and proved heavy to hold for the time required to water four boxes. A scrounge around in my garden shed and I found a 6 litre unit.

Perfect...I know this one hasn't been used for any nasties so a quick cleanout was all it needed.

I can leave the unit on the ground and use the 'wand' with the hose attached to water the boxes up on their bench. With a quick hand pump the spray is fine enough to avoid disturbing the seeds.

Within 5 days the Acacia papyrocarpa were up and growing!


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