Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Trees For Life - First Planting

First seed planting date for Trees For Life was 23 Nov 08.
The seeds of Acacia papyrocarpa were soaked 24 hrs beforehand.
The seeds of Melaleuca lanceolata did not require pre-treatment.

All supplies were gathered and Labels written...with the botanical name of the species...the 2 letter Zone Code...the sowing date, as per the instruction book. I noticed one of the three packets of Melaleuca lanceolata seeds had a different batch number on the pack so I wrote that number on the back of the label. This will allow for the correct batch number to be given if the seeds fail to germinate. This information was written with a 4B pencil on the plastic labels provided in my kit.

The fine seeds of Melaleuca lanceolata were placed on a margarine lid to allow them to be easily picked up.
The tubes were cleared of large particles of bark etc that would hinder germination.
All tubes were moistened prior to sowing the seeds. I choose to use rainwater as I always do for seed germination.

The Acacia papyrocarpa, pre-soaked seeds were placed on the moist soil mix, covered with roughly their size in soil mix and this was then covered with a layer of gravel.
The Melaleuca lanceolata seeds were sprinkled straight onto the moist soil mix and covered with a thin layer of gravel.

All the boxes were placed on a bench under 50% shadecloth with a layer of shadecloth on top of them as well as both these seeds require shade in the early stages.
The shadecloth also proved helpful in protecting the seeds during a hailstorm 4 days after planting!

Of course The Black Ninja found
that under the bench
was the coolest spot in the garden!


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