Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Rain 09??? and 08!

From the Elder's Weather site...Here is a snapshot of our area's 'possible' predicted rainfall for 2009...looks like we could be in for a wet March but winter looks like remaining dry for yet another year.

This chart lists Jan's rainfall as 'above normal'.
Our average for Jan is 22mm...question

The same site had this chart showing the next 28 days' 'possible' predicted rainfall.
Looks to me like the last few days of January could be quite soggy! eek confused eek


I've already totalled up the rainfall for this year...I really don't think it's going to rain tonight...
Our total was 226.2mm
Our average is 364.6mm

My month by month rain chart...the dark columns show our average...the lighter ones what we got.
3 months above average and 3 months below 5mm... sad rolleyes sad


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