Sunday, 14 December 2008

It's Been Raining Again

Garden Log Dec 14 08:
Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 9.4C
Lowest Max 18.1C
Highest Max 32.3C
Rain 36 mm

Most of that rain fell on Thursday night and during Friday...steady rain that soaked well into the garden and filled up both our water tanks.

The only concern we had was a warning on the radio from the Cherry farmers saying that the cherries would split after a good rain like that. That was reason enough for Doc and I to get outside on Saturday morning and take the net off the Cherry tree.
We picked two bucketfuls. 4675g that's over 10lbs (plus all the ones we ate when we were picking them).
Some had started to split so these went into the dryer...these make a wonderful addition to a Boil Bake Fruit Cake during winter.

The Kitchen Garden is looking more like a jungle everyday. It's getting difficult to wander through the pathway. I am noticing something I don't often see in Scarecrow's Garden...WEEDS...all this rain is bringing up lots of weeds that don't usually grow in summer. Still the rain is great! mrgreen

The Giant Pink Banana Pumpkins plants really are giants and they are setting some fruit already.

Over in the Almond area the Strawberry Guava is flowering this year for the first's growing well next to it's Companion Tangelo tree.

This weeks view of the Main Veg Garden showing the 'net-free' Cherry tree...the last of the hail-damaged leaves on the Giant Sunflower plants. Oh and the Black Ninja sheltering from the chilly wind that was blowing.

With the chooks moved from their old run it gave me the chance to get the Potatoes covered with the manure/straw mixed the chooks had been making during the last few weeks in their pergola.

Freedom at last for the Queensland Blue Pumpkin seen here with it's watering tube still in place. There is a Clay Pot Waterer under that tube and when the pumpkins were fenced off from the chooks the pot was watered via the tube.

Into the wonderful soil at the bottom of the pergola I've planted out some Butterbone and Kakai Pumpkin seedlings. During the week I sowed some Golden Bantam Sweetcorn (seed from Phoenix seeds). Some Companion Nasturtiums seedlings were planted too and as the corn grows I'll pop some Climbing Purple Bean seeds next to them.

The soil looked so good in this run that I popped in 4 Pink Ponderosa Tomatoes, Parsley and some Basil seedlings as well...added a dripper line and after the rain this week there should be no stopping them.

Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making.
As you can see we are still getting plenty of Zucchini so thanks for those recipes...I'll post some of the recipes after I try them out.

Zucchini Costata Romanesco^^^^^2052g
Zucchini Black^^^^^1403g
Dwarf Beans^^^^^11g
Apricots^^^^^525g + grazing
Cherries^^^^^4675g + grazing


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