Sunday, 23 November 2008

Trees For Life - Preparation

The first seeds will be planted on Monday Nov 23
1 box x Acacia papyrocarpa
3 boxes x Melaleuca lanceolata

As the first ones are acacias the seeds need pre-treatment. They need to be covered with water that has just boiled and they will be left in the water for 12-24 hours. This will allow the tough shell of the seed to soften and allow water to penetrate to allow for germination.
The seeds need to be covered with their own depth of soil and then a layer of gravel.
The seedlings will need shade in their early stages.

The other three packets are Melaleuca and these do not require pre-treatment. The seeds will need to be planted on a damp soil which is clear of large particles of bark etc. and are covered only with a thin layer of gravel. I'll need to keep these seeds well watered to stop them drying out as they are very tiny.
These also need shade in their early stages and may need some extra liquid feeding after they germinate.

Five boxes have been prepared...
  • the supplies gathered
  • the soil mix dampened
  • slow release fertilizer added and mixed in
  • each tube filled with mix...we used a juice bottle that was just the right size
  • firmly packed and popped in the box
  • 60 tubes in each box...40 mins
  • 5 boxes filled
As the next planting day on Dec 8 is only for one box we have prepared this box as well. The cricket test was on the radio and the time seemed to pass quickly. wink


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