Sunday, 9 November 2008

Thunderstorm Rain

Garden Log 9 Nov 08:

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 3C
Lowest Max 16C
Highest Max 30.8C
22mm Rain Yippeee!!!

We've had some rain...
over 20mm this week...
the most we've had in one week since May.

The newly planted seedlings love it.
In this wicking bed are Cosatata Romanesco Zucchini and Rockmelons with their companions Nasturtiums in the middle.

The pond edge garden is becoming a jungle
and I've had to move the log in My Spot. cry

The plants in the bath tub garden are growing well...I had to clean it out this week...I put the algae on the garden...I've put in some tiny local fish to keep the mozzies under control. Now the water is the way there is no smell from this setup. smile

Pink Ponderosa Tomatoes planted recently
will reach their wire for climbing very soon...
they love their wicking tank bed. mrgreen

In the shade house the Freckles Lettuces
are showing how they got their name.

And there are strange things growing in the pots
with the Avellano (Gevuina avellana) seedlings.

With the rain falling I've planted some long waiting natives into the front garden. Several Eremophilas and Melaleucas along with the Olive and Pomegranate trees I bought earlier in the year.


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