Monday, 24 November 2008

Strange Weather for November.

Garden Log Nov 23 08:

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 1.5C

Lowest Max 17.5C
Highest Max 25C
Rain 16 mm

We are one week from our start to summer here and we were on a Frost Warning on Saturday night! The temp dropped to 1.5C and nothing seems to have been damaged as there is plenty of leaf cover and mulch around...But what a crazy week/month!
Rain to date has measured 40mm which will make November our wettest month for the year!

The cooler weather hasn't stopped the growth though
...if anything it's increased it!

The first of the 'big' Russian Sunflowers is out!

So too the first Evening Sun Sunflower

The first Costata Romanesco Zucchini is just about ready to pick
and others are forming fast!

I've started work on converting the old Bed 10 wicking beds into new refreshed beds.The frame will be covered with shadecloth. The front bed has been re-edged with shadecloth covered plastic mesh for support.

On the other one I've re-used the frame that began life as a piece of school gym equipment years ago. This will make a smaller bed for greens and next to this I'll put the potted Oca.


I planted out the Baby Corn into the wicking bed in the Almond area with the Sampson Pumpkins.
This Baby Corn is picked as immature cobs for use in stir fries...yummy!

I recently found a Caper bush (Capparis spinosa rupestris) for sale at the local store so I've popped this into the ground. ( the lower left plant in the photo)
When I read info like...favours a very dry, hot summer and intense sunlight...I see it as a plant for my garden. I may need to take some cuttings in autumn to until I know how it will cope with our winters though.

Over at Subtropical Happiness they are weighing in their harvests this month...that got Doc thinking we should weigh our Summer Harvest this year too!
No more stealing Strawberries straight out of the garden though!

The spreadsheet is drawn up and I'll pop the weeks records in the Garden Logs.
So starting from:

Saturday 23rd Nov 08^^^^Strawberries 37g; Loganberries 4g


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