Thursday, 20 November 2008

Smoking Seeds

Smoke Treatments
Some Australian native plants require bush fires to regenerate.
This can be recreated in the glass house through exposing the seed to smoke.

Often this is done through burning green leafy material and trapping the smoke in a container with the seed.

A much easier way is to use a smoke impregnated disc.
Place 1 smoke disc in 50ml of water (or half a disc in 25ml etc) and soak the seeds in the solution for 24hours and then sow. One disc can germinate 100 seeds.


Place seeds in an upturned pot, with fresh leaves/twigs and burn

Aboriginal people scatter the seed on areas that have just been burnt.

Don't over-water as the chemicals in the smoke that activate germination can readily be washed away.

I used the smoke discs available from Outback Chef


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