Monday, 3 November 2008

Saving Seeds and More Volunteers.

Oh and I've started planting the seedlings out! mrgreenmrgreenmrgreen

Garden Log 2 Nov 08:

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 8C
Lowest Max 22C
Highest Max 34C
No Recorded Rainfall

No Recorded Rainfall...I wrote that several times last month! It was the driest Oct in South Australia on record! However with storms forecast for this week we can only hope for some tank topping-up rain.

I planted out during the week when there was a good chance of rain...we had only a few drops while I planted...but the following day was horrible! 34C with hot northerly wind gusts up to 70kph. Yuck!
I'm so glad that we had put up the shade cloth cover and planted into the wicking beds...the new seedlings hardly noticed the weather!

The Main Vegetable Garden
is beginning to look like it should!

I mentioned in an earlier Garden Log that I was planning to save some seeds from the Roi de Carouby Snow Peas. I've now shelled the peas from their pods and they are drying further before I pack them into a glass jar with a sprinkling of Diatomaceous Earth to stop any greedy bugs eating the seed while it's in storage. razz
Check out this link to find out more about using DE for seed storage.

Edited to add:
Thank you Seedman for this link to the International Seed Saving Institute
I've used this link before and have found it very useful. smile

Recent Seed Planting:
Lettuce - Sucrine (from Phoenix Seeds), Red Velvet and Rouge d'Hiver (from Diggers Seeds)
Green Silverbeet Organic (from DT Brown)
Curled Parsley (DT Brown)
Sweet Leaf Sauropus androgynus (from a swap on ALS)
Fenugreek (fom Select Organic)
Buckwheat (from Gardenclub)
Baby Corn (from New Gippsland Seeds)
White Italian Sunflower (from Garden Club)
Cosmos Pink and White striped (from Garden Club)
Phacelia tanacetifolia (from Phoenix seeds)
Portulaca (from a local seed saver)
Small and regular sowings of Lettuces and Greens need to be planted during our hot summers here as they tend bolt to seed fast.

I also potted-up some volunteer Rosemary seedlings. It will be interesting to see what colour these seedlings turn out to be as I have both dark and light blue as well as white Rosemary growing close by to where they sprouted up! biggrin


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