Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Rose Garden Trip Nov 6 2008

Last week our Garden Group (no longer called Garden Club) visited a homestead out of town.
I've put all the shots into a slide show for you to enjoy...I don't know all the names but the dear lady that owns the gardens knows everyone of them.

Our region is extremely dry at the moment (despite the weekends downpour) as can be seen in the early shots of the surrounding landscape.

They use an underground water supply that is obviously of a good quality. They also have some dams (and rainwater tanks of course) for water too.

The garden is like an oasis nestled in around the house.
Oh and for those wondering why I would visit such a garden being allergic to roses as I am...they grow fantastic Apple trees out the back and they had a magnificent Apricot tree that they grew from a seed! (The best kind)

Thank you folks for allowing our little gang to tramp all over your lovely garden...we did enjoy ourselves!


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