Saturday, 8 November 2008

Planting List Spring 08

Planted out in Scarecrow's Garden so far for 08:

2 x Pink Ponderosa Tomatoes WT
10 x Roma Tomatoes WB
3 x Sunrise Tomatoes MVG
3 x Ida Gold Tomatoes WT
4 x Red Cherry Tomatoes MVG
4 x Tommy Toe Yellow Tomatoes WB
4 x Tigerella Tomatoes KG

5 x Costata Romanesco Zucchini WB & KG
5 x Black Zucchini WB & KG
3 x Tromboncino Zucchini WT
4 x Golden Nugget Pumpkins WB
3 x Queensland Blue Pumpkins Chookrun
4 x Jumbo Pink Banana Pumpkins WB
4 x Sampson Pumpkins WB
6 x Giant Bottle Gourds MVG
3 x Luffas MVG

4 x Mini Lebanese Cucumbers WT
4 x Crystal Apple Cucumbers WB
4 x Lemon Cucumbers WB & KG
2 x Cantaloupes WB
6 x Rockmelons WB
The seeds of those last 2 are from different sources wink

2 x King of the North Capsicums WT
1 x overwintered Jalapeno Hot Pepper bush. Dog Pen Garden

Some (I haven't counted them all)
Golden Bantam Sweetcorn, Honey Sweet Corn, Dwarf Blue Lake Beans, Dwarf Windsor Long Pod Beans. WB/WT
Red Cos Lettuce, Freckles Lettuce. WBX
Florence Fennel. KG
Red Stemmed Welsh Bunching Onions.WT
Butternut Lettuce, Creamgold Onions, Jerusalem Artichokes, Burdock. KG
Atomic Red Carrots. MVG
Nasturtiums, Sunflowers & other beneficial insect attractors...everywhere!
Sweet Basil and Purple Basil. WB/WT

In the Aquatic-Food House:
10 x Water Chestnuts
5 x Arrowhead (Duck Potatoes)
2 pots of Kang Kong
1 pot of Watercress
1 pot of Lebanese Watercress

A box of Gotu Kola WBX

In the ground in the chook run:
2 rows of Pontiac Potatoes
2 rows of Blue Sapphire Potatoes

WB = Wicking Beds
WT = Wicking Tanks/Tubs
WBX = Wicking Boxes
KG = Kitchen Garden
MVG = Main Vegetable Garden

It is only by the use of the Wicking Worm Bed Systems and our extra water tank that I'm able to grow so much this year! mrgreenmrgreen


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