Saturday, 15 November 2008

Nettle Tea

During winter I usually move the chooks onto fresh runs. After the first rains of Autumn nettles come up in the unused runs.
I harvest these as a valuable addition to my soil fertility.
They are chopped roughly and added to compost heaps where their nitrogen and other minerals are a valuable asset.

As a plant based tea or liquid feeding brew they are excellent:

For instructions on how to make a plant tea from nettles go here.

Nettles - Urtica dioica:
- provides calcium, copper, iron, nitrogen,
phosphorus and potassium.

This year I picked the nettles and placed them in a garbage bin. About half full or more and topped it up with rainwater. I've been stirring the mixture every few days and although it doesn't smell very good it's definitely better smelling than Comfrey tea.

This week I've been feeding the garden with it. After giving the tub a thorough stirring I took a bucketful closer to the rainwater outlet and used a scoop that Doc made out of a gourd (which just happens to be the right amount) I poured the brew into either a watering can or bucket and topped it up with rainwater.

I usually do this in the early evening and it's great to use after a soaking rain (when that happens). biggrin


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