Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Lucky Daze

G'day Matron and Buddy biggrin ...and anyone else interested...

I see you want to know what I've been up to lately...
Well I haven't been out in the garden with Scarecrow much lately coz I've been helping Doc build that Cob Oven.

It was in MY Dog Pen so I had to make sure he didn't accidentally bury one of my special bones inside that pile of rocks that holds it up.
Boy I had to be on duty every time he was out in my Dog Pen.

Then he started collecting small sticks and things to burn in it...well I had to check there weren't any of MY special sticks in there.

Oh well it looks like they were all safe ones after all. But I'll tell you something, I don't mind the smell of those pizzas and calzone he cooks in there!

You know how it's Spring over here, well I'll tell you it's starting to get hot and I know that it won't be long before I'm having my regular 'Bath-time'. Yuk.
I'm happy just rubbing up against my stone wall to get all that pesky winter coat off...but you know humans...dogs gotta have baths. rolleyes

Hey Scarecrow you've left a container of chook food up on the table (just out of my reach) is that spare...for me by chance...
I know, don't tell me...it's for those old girl chooks over in the other run... rolleyes
well can I lick the pot out after...please?

And Scarecrow these wicking bed thingy's in MY Dog Pen area don't really need those mesh covers on you know...I'll keep the birds off...and just steal the occasional nugget of horsey poop. Yummy!

Stop following me around with that camera...and no I'm not going to go into that old Dog Kennel (that's been a chook house and all) and dig around like a silly sausage...you know I'm too old for that now.

And don't bother showing everyone the big holes inside there coz I'll just say it wasn't me that dug them!

Hey Scarecrow I've got an idea...

How about we go out the gate and into the garden and take some photos...

Good grief! You really have to hurry up and get those chooks over here to get rid of all these weeds you know...I'm getting all sorts of prickly seeds in my fur. eek

And don't forget to pop in that latest photo of that little cutie Bindi...she's PKT's pup and lives way up in North Queensland so I only get to see photos of her...I think PKT loves her Bindi nearly as much as she loves me... wink

Catch'ya next time!

Big doggy hugs to Buddy! Woof...

Lucky D Dog


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