Monday, 17 November 2008

It's All Happening!

Garden Log Nov 16 08:

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 8C
Lowest Max 22.9C
Highest Max 33.5C
1.5mm Rain

The Stella Cherries are colouring up very quickly at the moment so Doc and I put over the cherry net this weekend...not on it's usual frame (that wouldn't fit in the new design) but this new netting was easier to put up and hopefully will work just as well. It's still tied up like a Xmas pressie coz we have sneaky birds that would find a way in somehow! evil

Wow the Water plants in that Bath Tub House are threatening to take all seems to be working well! mrgreen

The Sunrise Tomatoes are flowering and out in the Kitchen Garden the Ida Golds are setting fruit.

In the Dog Pen Wicking Beds I had to put a layer of mesh over the wicking beds as the blackbirds were having a feast of my's actually formed a useful support for the Tommy Toe Gold Tomatoes growing there and I shall train the Mini Lebanese Cucumbers (at the back of the bed) onto it as they grow too! I planted more Sweet Basil seedlings into the bed the other day. I moved the mulch right back to expose the damper growing medium below as these were small seedlings without substantial root systems to cope in the wicking bed system. Now the mulch can be pulled back.

More Sweet Basil seedlings went into the Kitchen Garden and had to be shaded for a couple of days as the weather was quite warm. That was why they were planted out...Thursday was a horrible hot, dry and windy day here and seedlings in punnets dried out very quickly...they seem better able to cope in the garden sometimes.

The Thornless Blackberry is flowering and by the way the Black Sultana Grapes are setting we'll have plenty of those long as we work out the netting for those areas!


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