Monday, 6 October 2008

Planting Out

But not the vegetables yet!
We have 2 frosts forecast this week...

Garden Log 5 Oct 08:

Flag Iris survives the battering winds of late!

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min -0.6C
Lowest Max 18.4C
Highest Max 30C
Rain: 3mm

Potted on a few sunflowers and greens.
Sowed a few Greek Basil seeds that were saved from last year and more from the packets I have left; Purple, Sweet and Genovese. Doc says we can never have too much Basil as we dry it for use through winter.
Also popped a few Red Russian Kale in a punnet as these are a very tough form of Kale with edible shoots that can be eaten like broccoli (it's also known as Canadian Broccoli see here).

I've planted out many annual flowering plants to the pond edge.
Because it was raining on Friday I was out planting a few perennials that were waiting in pots; Pink Lady Finger Grapes, Tansy, Myoporum (native ground cover) and Tagasaste.

I have attached a length of shadecloth to the lower edge of the fenceline in the main veg garden. This piece was the shade cover for beds 7&8 last year and I cut in in half lengthways. It will give great wind protection to the garden from the blistering, hot and dry northerly winds we get during summer. It should also lower the evaporative effect of that wind on the pond!

I've thinned out the Atomic Red Carrots
to a finger space apart, this will allow
the next thinnings to be eaten as baby carrots.

The Duck Potatoes in the Bathtub Water Garden
is just producing the leaves
that give it it's other name of
Arrowhead (Sagittaria sagittifolia)

The Strawberries in the Tank Tub are looking great!

We've had our first harvest of Asparagus for the year...


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