Sunday, 12 October 2008

Ouch! Frost!

Garden Log Oct 12 08:

Tuesday morning's frost burnt the tops of the Fig trees
...even though they were wrapped in a row cover.
Fortunately the lower leaves were spared
and most of the new fruits survived.

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min -3C
Lowest Max 15.3C
Highest Max 30C
No Recorded Rainfall

Potted on:
Zucchinis, Pumpkins, Cucumbers, Melons, Rosella, Muntries and Cherry Tomatoes.
Bush Bananas Leichhardtia australis (from Tully in NT)
Kakai Pumpkins (Phoenix Seeds)
Butterbone Pumpkin (Local Seed Network)
Cape Gooseberry (home saved seed)
Nitre Bush Nitraria billardieri (Outback Chef)
Chocolate Lily Dichopogon strictus (Outback Chef)
Bush Tomatoes Solanum centrale (Outback Chef)

The seeds of Chocolate Lily and Bush Tomatoes
were soaked in 'Smoke Water' for 24 hours
before sowing to aid germination.

During a very interesting native plant ID bus trip during the week we stopped at a reserve...and had an audience watching from behind the bushes.

This pretty pigface is one of the first to flower in the pond edge garden in the Main Veg Garden.

More Asparagus to pick for eating and freezing!

On Friday Doc and I had a tidy up and turned one of my potting benches around. It's an old trampoline frame that we've put some corrugated iron on top of. It makes a great bench as it's a good height for working at.
We used the frame from our kids old trampoline on top and attached some 50% shade cloth to the top.
It will make a great hardening off area during the summer heat. smile

I cleared out the little pond at the (now cleared) end of the bench and re-filled it...more water for the lizards and (good) bugs of the garden. wink

Meanwhile over in the Kitchen (Pergola) Garden the Pathside Edge Bed will soon be ready for the next plantings.
The Roi de Carouby Snow Peas on the fence are nearly finished and I've left a few pods to grow big and dry out for seed saving. These peas were a very successful crop and worth saving the seeds from.
The Black Sultana Grape vines on the trellis now have leaves on and are about to flower!

The broccoli has been allowed to flower to attract beneficial's working!! We have seen these tiny wasps attacking aphids nearby in the garden.


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