Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Ladybirds to the Rescue

Last summer was very far this year we have only received around 125mm not nearly half our yearly average of around 360mm...and it's nearly November!

Needless to say most of the perennial plants here are rather stressed!

Some of the fruit trees are under attack from a black aphid and I was tempted to spray with something...I did. eek

I sprayed them all with a diluted liquid seaweed mixture. That should help the trees build up their immune systems.

As for the Aphids....

The Ladybirds have arrived this week to sort them out!

Along with these tiny wasps I think they will have the place clear by the weekend judging by how many there are out in the garden.

Thank you my garden helpers

By the looks of this there could be a few new ones arriving soon!

idea Another hint from Grammy is that Nasturtiums will attract aphids away from wanted crops to allow for a soap spray to be used!
I'll remember that for later in the season when the Nasturtiums are flowering!
Thanks Grammy! biggrin


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