Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Chilli Peppers Live Again

Last year in a tub in the Dog Pen Tank Garden I grew two Jalapeno Hot Peppers. They were still growing well in early April this year when we had to move their tub to make way for Doc's Cob Oven area re-vamp. wink

As they still had fruit on them I stuck them into a couple of tyres where some Raspberries no longer grew by the gate. During the tidy up I popped some rocks around the base of them as mulch.

As winter wore on and the frosts came,
they looked like they were dead. rolleyes

Just as I was about to pull them out the other day I thought I saw some green...sure enough they are sprouting to life again. I've heard of this happening to others before but never had it happen here with all our frosts.

It's just as well they will live again because I hadn't planned on planting any this year.
Now I don't need to. mrgreen

Growing requirements
- similar to Capsicums.


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