Monday, 20 October 2008

Bird Babies!

Garden Log Oct 19 08:

So that's why the Magpie Larks have been so stroppy with the Black Ninja lately...a baby one out for her first forage in the mulch. Poor Ninja can't even go into the front garden without being attacked by these birds and the Wattlebirds! rolleyes

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 1.2C Ya! No Frost!
Lowest Max 19.4C
Highest Max 33.1C
No Recorded Rainfall

Potted on some perennial cuttings taken last month.
Potted on a few seedlings.
I was a bit busy this week for more than that this week will have to play catch-up later!

Lot's of flowers are starting to bloom on the Pond Edge...The papery petals of the Everlasting Daisy Helipterum roseum don't seem real. The 'Mauve' Pigface Mesembryanthemum looks more pink to me but it is lovely.

The grey leaved yellow Yarrow Achillea is just bursting into flower.
Even the Water Lilies in the pond are flowering.

The Ladybirds have arrived
to help with an Aphid problem on the plum trees...

...and they are visiting the flowers while they are here.

The Greens Tank Bed is ready for a haircut...
some Ida Gold Cherry (bush) tomatoes
and Purple Basil will be going in there very soon.

As for fruit there are Strawberries only days away and the Stella Cherries are getting bigger...they'll be netted as the fruit changes colour as those pesky Blackbirds eat the fruit before it's ripe enough for us.

The idea of planting at the edge
of the propagation bench is working
with this display of flowers and herbs
enjoying the excess water they get.


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