Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Winter's End

Garden Log 31 Aug 08:

I removed the plastic cover from the Green's Tub
on Saturday for the light rain to soak in.

Temperatures this week
Lowest Min -2C
Lowest Max 12.4C
Highest Max 17.7C
Rainfall 6mm
The temperature is slowly rising
but it will still be a while until the frosts stop!

This week was a no planting week in the Moon Planting Calendar so much time has been spent weeding...the chooks loved the idea of all the greens...if only they would do the weeding for me.

I've managed to build up the wicking beds, they just need the final top ups of soil and compost then pop the worms in and mulch over.

I've pruned and trimmed some other plants. Not the frost sensitive one yet though because we'll no doubt have more frosts to come. Pruning them now would expose more of the growth to the frost and it may encourage new growth that would easily burn in the frost.

The first Plum and Apricot blossoms
braved the rain on Saturday morning.

Self seeding Anise Hyssop
is popping up in the Greens Tub.

Inside my early Spring seedlings are popping up in the Seed Starter Box near the window and will be ready for potting on into their own pots with in the next couple of weeks. The Basil and greens will be potted on this week and put out into the hot house outside. The Lettuces and hardy greens that have germinated in there will be potted up and moved to the shade house to grow on.


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