Sunday, 14 September 2008

Windy Weather

Garden Log 14 Sept 08:

"Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I:
But when the trees bow down their heads,
The wind is passing by."
~ Christina Georgina Rossetti ~

The weather is really warming up
as you can see by the temps...
...everything is coming to life.
Like these grape vine cuttings,
the ones in the garden are getting new leaves.

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min -0.2C
Lowest Max 17.6C
Highest Max 26.1C
Rain 3.5mm

Planting List:
Potted up seedlings of:
Tomatoes - Ida Gold, Pink Ponderosa, Roma, Sunrise, Tigerella,
Tromboncino Zucchini,
Qld Blue Pumpkins,
Apple Cucumbers

Planted seeds of:
Pumpkins - Jumbo Pink Banana (C), Kakai (Ph), Golden Nugget (Ph), Sampson (Butternut),
Zucchini - Black (Ph), Romanesco (Ph),
Gourds - Giant Bottle (C), Home saved gourds, Luffa (Ph)
Cucumbers - Lebanese Mini (D)
Bush Beans - Windsor Long Pod (GP/Thank you Tully), Blue Lake (GH)
Climbing Beans - Snake (ES)
Tomatoes - Black Cherry (H/S) "Celestequest" Cherry (Swap Buddy ALS),
Corn - Honey Select (Butternut), Red (LSN), Golden Bantam (Ph)

C = Corucopia Seeds
Ph = Phoenix Seeds
D = Diggers Seeds
ES = Eden Seeds
GP = Greenpatch Seeds
GH = Green Harvest
LSN = Local Seed Network

Swapped Seeds from:
Butternut who is a blog visitor living in Adelaide
ALS Swap Buddy lives in the Adelaide Hills
Tully (from ALS) lives up in the desert in NT
H/S means home saved!

I've even been brave enough to try an early planting of the Queensland Blue seedlings into the ground in the chook run. I've had to barricade them up so the chooks don't scratch them out and I'll need to cover them if frost is forecast but we'll see how they go! eek
I have some spares if they don't make it. wink

I've been covering the bath tub water bed at night and was pleased to see that the Water Chestnuts are coming up...the Duck Potatoes are up too. The water you can see in the photo is now indication that our evaporation rates are increasing with the temperature. When this windy weather settles I shall put the shade cloth cover over the frame of the little house they are living in.

In the Main Veg Garden the beds are sitting waiting for planting and after putting the watering system in, I'm looking at getting the pond side areas planted up with flowers and herbs to attract beneficial creatures this year.

This corner has a mound of tyres surrounded by wood with a water dish in the middle. The dish has a rock and a stick in it so lizards will be able to get out if they happen to fall in. lol The bees appreciate a drink on hot days too.


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