Saturday, 13 September 2008

Watering Setup

Spring is warming up here (today's top was 26C) so I've spent the last couple of days finalising the watering system in the veg garden.
With most of the beds now wicking beds I had lots of joiners, drippers, hose and taps left over.

With the original lines coming from the mains supply still in-situ, where each bed had an in-line tap to regulate flow, I was able to join on lengths of salvaged 13mm poly hose and go from there.

First I connected some hose to the old Bed 1 tap. One end of this went up the side of the Tank Bed f where the salad greens are growing.
At the other end of the bed is Tank Bed e where I have Strawberries and Josatberry growing with Garlic and some herbs. I then joined in some of the 6mm in-line dripper hose spaced at either 15 (on bed f) or 30 (on bed e) cms. These were arranged in a spiral formation to even out the watering.

This photo shows the bed (non-wicking) where I've used the in-line dripper hose again for the Carrots and a line with adjustable drippers attached for Jerusalem Artichokes (when they come up) the hose at the rear is taking the water to Tank bed e and will also have adjustable drippers put in for some Luffas later.

That same line also has a length of Pope in-line dripper tape connected to water the bottom of the fence line where I've planted Grape vines and Elderberries and have many herbs and flowers for insect attraction.

Around the pond I've put more spaghetti line again for herbs and flowery insect attractors.

On the Bush Food Bed I've placed some 13mm poly hose ready to attach adjustable drippers.

As each of the wicking bed sit approximately where the old beds where I was able to line up the watering hose pipe with the old taps. I've extended the hose on each of the rectangular beds so that the hose can feed water into the wicking areas. I also attached similar setups to each of the tank wicking beds.

Now I can connect the hose from the new rainwater tank into the veg garden watering system by blocking off the mains supply with an in-line tap and plugging in the hose. I can then water each wicking bed by just turning on each tap. The insect attracting areas will be watered with mains water on our allocated days or (preferably) with rainwater if we have enough.

See the (soon to be updated yet again rolleyes ) Garden Layout Here.
You'll find that update Here wink


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