Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Temporary Hot House

With lots of seedlings germinating in their punnets and frosts still lingering I needed somewhere to house a few little babies before they can go out in the garden.

We had a spare space between the shade house and the little hothouse so:
  • more poly pipe went up
  • attached to star pickets and the shade house frame
  • a sheet of plastic that I'd used over the potatoes this winter (Doc had had enough by then lol )
  • a tarp across the south end to keep the frosty breeze out.
This weeks strong winds have given it a battering but fingers crossed it's still standing!
As soon as the seedlings are out we'll take the plastic off and put up some shade cloth for another shaded area...something I can always use during summer!

There's a more permanent design over here on Doc's blog


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