Sunday, 21 September 2008

Blooming Spring

Garden Log 21 Sep 08

Arctotis cultivar the African Daisy
and Acacia acinacea the Gold Dust Wattle
in full bloom in the garden today!

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min -0.6C
Lowest Max 13.8C
Highest Max 27C
Rain 1.5mm

Lots of new fruit forming...Almonds


and even a baby Plum.

The very first Cherry flower burst open today!

Out the back the Pathside Edge Bed has had a tidy
and I found right at the end...
one last cauliflower and guess what...'s a purple one! eek

Earlier in the week I put this patch of Nettles into a plastic rubbish bin to brew up some more Plant tea for using later in the season.

The first planting of Potatoes are showing their heads and I've just planted a double row of Blue Sapphire potatoes. Well protected under their Bread Crate covers. Doc moved some loam into the chook run for hilling-up the potatoes as they grow. Thank you Doc!

Speaking of being protected...
... the Queensland Blue Pumpkins
are doing well inside their safety prison.

This is a shot of a Wicking Tub that was planted earlier in the year with volunteer seedlings...some Perpetual Spinach, Dill and Coriander that have grown well...the spinach was tasty for lunch today! I love the freebies the garden gives. mrgreen

Please click on those photos for a bigger view wink


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