Monday, 25 August 2008

A Tad Warmer This Week

Garden Log 24 Aug 08:

Despite 5 frosty mornings this week
things are slowly warming up...
...Sunny days with sunny spots for Ninja.

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min -2.3C
Lowest Max 9C
Highest Max 14.6C
Rainfall 4mm

Duck Potatoes - Sagittaria sagittifolia from Green Harvest (on left) and a few Waterchestnuts Eleocharis dulcis from Cornucopia Seeds (right) went into the Bath Tub Water Garden. More Water Chestnuts were planted into broccoli boxes to be moved out into the garden later.

These have all been covered with plastic while the frosts are hanging round.

Planted Atomic Red Carrots (from Phoenix seeds) and Jerusalem Artichokes went into the non wicking bed in the Main Veg Area.
Purple Dragon Carrots, Takinogawa Long Burdock, small Jerusalem Artichokes (all from Cornucopia seeds) and Red Shallots (from Garden Express) went into the Pergola Garden. The rows of carrots were covered with planks to stop the ground drying out too quickly. Potted up the Comfrey (from Green Harvest) cuttings.

Here inside I've got Tomatoes, Kang Kong, Watercress, Zucchini, Basil and Cucumbers just poking their heads through so they're off to the window sill until they're big enough for their own pots outside in the hothouse.

Doc helped me cut up some sheets of corrugated iron to use as edging in the new wicking beds. He very bravely used the scary/sparky grinder thingy that I don't like.
Very soon he had them ready and Sunday evening we joined them together. all I need to do is dig out each bed, line them with plastic, then fill with a sandy loam to cover the drainage pipe, and top up with rich loam and compost for the compost worms to live in. Then I can add a good mulch layer and they will be ready to plant in Spring...probably about a month away give or take a couple of frosty mornings. rolleyes

Saturday was spent planting Pontiac Potatoes (bought from local garden shop) in the prepared ground in the chook run and covered securely with bread crates.
Took cuttings of Variegated Elderberry and Cedronella after cutting them back. Also a couple of cuttings from the Lillypilly that will be planted outside soon. I potted up some runners from a Pink Violet (pictured). Cuttings also from Sage, Wormwood and some Variegated Ivy Pelargonium.

Into punnets went seeds of:
Butter Swede ~ Phoenix Seeds
Cylindra Beetroot ~ Eden Seeds
Golden Turnip ~ Phoenix Seeds
Camas Camassid quamash var. maxima - a member of the Lily Family that was grown for the tasty bulb by NW USA Indian tribes according to the seed packet from Phoenix seeds.
Bush Bananas Leichhardtia australis syn. Marsdenia australis ~ Outback Chef these were planted into individual cells for minimal root disturbance when planted. I have some more of these that have been sent to me by Tully, a fellow Aussie Living Simply, that I shall plant outside when the weather is warmer.

Sunday morning was spent in a nearby town planting trees on one of the local permaculture groups members places...followed by a great thank you lunch! Yummy. mrgreen

Links to suppliers mentioned in this post:
Cornucopia Seeds
Eden Seeds
Garden Express
Green Harvest
Outback Chef
Phoenix Seeds - Address.


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