Sunday, 17 August 2008

Jonquil Time

Garden Log 17 Aug 08

The flowers of late winter
and early spring occupy places in our hearts
well out of proportion to their size.
~Gertrude S. Wister~

Temperatures this week
Lowest minimum -2.3C
Lowest maximum 9.2C
Highest maximum 13C
Rainfall 2mm

The Moon Planting Chart said that the 14/15th was right for planting Fruiting seeds, so I took the chance to get going with some early spring planting.

Ida Gold ~ home saved
Tigerella ~ Phoenix seed
Italian Heirloom ~ Phoenix
Yellow Tommy Toe ~ Diggers
Sunrise ~ Phoenix
Pink Ponderosa ~ From K on the ALS Seed Swap
Roma ~ Phoenix

King of the North Capsicum ~ Phoenix
Apple Cucumber ~ Phoenix
Italian Non-Acid Cucumber ~ Cornucopia
Luffa ~ Phoenix
Queensland Blue ~ Pumpkin Phoenix
Tromboncino Zucchini ~ Cornucopia
Perennial Sunflowers ~ Phoenix
Strawberry Spinach ~ Phoenix (2nd planting)
Ceylon Hill Cherry Rhodomyrtus tomentosa ~ Phoenix
Chinese Date Ziziphus jujube ~ Phoenix
Pigeon Pea Cajanus cajan ~ Cornucopia

I know that's a lot of seeds but it's very early for planting yet and these are tucked up inside next to the fire to beat the nasty frosts we keep having. If they all grow I'm going to have fun trying to find somewhere to put them all for the next month or so before they can be planted out. smile

Last week's Greens seeds have started to germinate and others will need potting on this week...looks like spring is coming very quickly in Scarecrow's Garden...I just hope the frosts know that! rolleyes

During the week I hoed over the soon to be planted Potato patch in the chook run and covered the area with some yummy chook compost from their pergola's better than the other compost that I'm spending each weekend turning. neutral

Doc is starting to dig out the area for the new chook house over in the Main Veg area because it has to have a concrete floor (local council requirement). The soil from what was Bed 2 is still very good so he has shovelled it into the bathtub in readiness for planting that up with Duck Potatoes and Water Chestnuts.

A bag of Cow manure has been added and a shadecloth lined crate put in for the Duck Potatoes, so I can keep them separate.

Hoping to get some fine, warmer weather this week to catch up with some of our outdoor jobs. cool

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