Sunday, 3 August 2008

It Was Supposed to Rain

Garden Log 3 Aug 08:

But we only had 2.5mm sad
Lowest minimum temp was -2.6C
Lowest Max 9.7C
Highest max 17C

The Senposai Brassica X rapa
is budding up and starting to flower!

My seed and plant orders have all arrived now...including 2 Sweet Chestnuts, a Pomegranate, 2 Olives, Red Shallots, a Bosenberry and Thornless Loganberry from Garden Express, it took longer than expected to arrive and they sent a freebie pack of bulbs for being patient...and to think I was about to send them a reminder email. wink

My Green Harvest order arrived and included some West Indian Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) and Qld Arrowroot (Canna edulis), some Comfrey cuttings as my plants suffered badly in the heatwaves of late summer.
I'll make a bed up for this Comfrey and cover it with shadecloth and pipe some grey water to the plot. Then I'll be able to cut the comfrey for mulch, liquid manure, and compost.

For the new Brambles I've decided to trial a wicking bed in an area of the Pergola Garden where not much would grow. I found out why when I started to dig the area out. Many large roots from the nearby Eucalypt, the same one that has damage the pond that is in this garden. I chopped my way through them and Doc attacked the biggest one for me.

The plastic at the bottom of the Wicking Bed (see links below) should slow those roots down. I've built the bed up with a mix of loam and aged manure and topped it off with the contents of two of the wicking boxes where the Cauliflowers have finished. These still had the compost worms in the mixture and I reused their feeding tubes from the boxes too! This bed will have a shadecloth shelter built over it before summer hits.

In preparation for planting I have the Chestnuts and Brambles soaking in buckets of rainwater with seaweed solution in them. The holes for the trees were dug and filled with rainwater during the week. They are going into the Old Girls' chook run in the shelter of Tagasaste and Acacia trees.
They won't mind our cold winters but they may suffer in the heat of summer with the strong North winds. They will be well sheltered in the middle of the Chook Jungle.
The Olives - Manzanillo and Picual have been potted on, until our frosts end, before being planted out in the front garden.

Lots of Everlasting Daisy and Lettuce seeds have germinated...I'll be potting them on into cell trays this week.

In preparation for the coming spring plantings I've harvested some nettles and chook manure in buckets and filled them with rainwater. These will sit in an out of the way spot for a couple of weeks, with lids on. After that they should be ready to dilute to a week tea strength for feeding the new seedlings as they grow on.

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