Sunday, 10 August 2008

Cold and Wet

Garden Log 10 Aug 2008:

All was silent as before -
All silent save the dripping rain.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

Temps for the week:
Lowest Min -1C
Lowest Max 8C
Highest Max 12.9C
Rain: 19mm mrgreen

Planted this week:
Tatsoi ~ Diggers Seeds
Sucrine Lettuce ~ Phoenix Seeds
Phacelia ~ Phoenix Seeds
Butternut Lettuce ~ Phoenix Seeds
Strawberry Spinach ~ Phoenix Seeds
Mustard and Rocket seeds from Seed Savers
The following were planted inside:
Watercress ~ Cornucopia Seeds
Kang Kong ~ Phoenix Seeds
Purple Basil ~ Phoenix Seeds
Sweet 'Genovese' Basil ~ Green Harvest

Planted those 2 Sweet Chestnut trees in the old chook run and the Bosenberry and Loganberry with Strawberries into the wicking bed I made last week. They were planted just in time for some good rain.

Filled up more wicking beds this time with the old water tanks that Doc cut up for me to use as edging.

Plastic in hole; filled-in with sand with the hose buried; tank on and topped up with good soil and compost. Now for some mulch and some compost worms. These should be just right for spring planting.

I love the way the broccoli just keeps on going after you pick the main head. If I give it a dose of liquid feed now it should keep on producing until the weather gets too hot and it runs up to seed!


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