Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Matron's Trugblog

Well it's the beginning of the middle month of winter here and when I read about Matron's 'Trugblog' post over at Down on the Allotment I thought I'd have to bow out of this one. cry

BUT When I went out to pick some veg for the lunch Doc's cooking up on the weekend I found all sorts of things growing out in the garden!!! We are having a mild winter with just enough rain to keep the garden growing. eek

Lots of greens with Kale, Silverbeet, Parsley, Celpar, Alexanders and Lettuce so I added some Calendula and Rosemary flowers to brighten it up. The bunch of mini Chillis are bright too.

A closer dig around and I found some Beetroot, Red Onions, Red and Purple Potatoes and a few little Carrots as well.

Topped it off with some more Herbs, the first Mini Cauliflower and one of the Broccoli heads. Of course I couldn't forget todays offering from the girls 3 lovely brown Eggs. wink

Thank you Matron for making have a good look at just what is growing in my garden! smile


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