Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The End Of June

Garden Log 29 Jun 08:

The end of June...

Three mornings of below zero temps.
Max temp 18.9C.
Now we're set for some very windy weather.
If it doesn't rain we'll be covered in dust!

We picked our first Mini Cauliflower
from the Wicking Box on Sunday.
It tasted superb and had NO BUGS at all on it!

I've never been able to grow Brassicas here like this! There are NO APHIDS in the garden. One reason for this I believe is the fact that the last year has been so dry. There was nothing growing for the aphids to continue their life cycle.

There seems to be a lot less Cabbage Moth Caterpillars as well...one or two, here and there but they aren't doing much damage and the plants are growing strongly despite their attack.

This winter is strange...while we are starting to get frosts there is so much growing in the garden. Potatoes, Chillis and Capsicums are surviving, Peas are setting and seedling plants are popping up everywhere! It's wonderful.

I've used 'free' Parsley, Coriander and Silverbeet seedlings in more Tubs around the Main Vegetable Garden and in the Pergola Garden opposite the new Pathside Edge Bed. I'm starting to work in this area so there is plenty of work to keep me warm in this coming month...July...our coldest month!

All the same it's the time of year to start dreaming about the seeds we shall be growing in the coming Spring!


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