Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Cool Days of July

Garden Log 6 July 08:

"People don't notice whether it's winter
or summer when they're happy."

- Anton Chekhov

Things are really cooling down now!
Lowest min temp -1.5C
Highest max 14C
3mm of rain.

It's been very windy this week
and the Rooster really got a work out but he survived!

Light rain fell early in the week. I took cuttings of Lavender for someone at Garden Club and Rosemary for our son, who has requested potted herbs for Xmas this year. He likes to use fresh herbs in his cooking but lives up north in the outback and supplies are not very fresh.

The new path has been dug and the Rosemary hedge trimmed back, I even moved 2 of the plants to allow entry to the pathway. More pathside edge beds to plant up. These will mostly wait until spring now.

Planted 3 Pink Ladyfinger Grapevines
(from last year's cuttings) along the new chookrun fenceline.

I went seeking seeds, found these
and soon had a handful of Calendula seeds.

This Ringneck Parrot has been scavenging
the last of this year's Almond crop...

...just as Doc noticed this year's first Almond blossom flower
and under the tree...
yes some volunteer Almond seedlings to pot up!

The Tagasastes are beginning to flower too!

I think I'll have hurry up and remove these volunteer Celpars to allow the French Tarragon to survive in it's pot (it hasn't died back yet this winter)

Rain is forecast for the coming week!!! mrgreenmrgreenmrgreen


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