Thursday, 17 July 2008

Cold Week

Garden Log 13 July 08:

Lowest min temp 0.4C
Lowest max temp 8.2C
Highest max temp 12.1C
Rainfall 16mm

Cold this week almost too cold to venture outside...I did manage to build a compost heap and give it it's first turn...that warmed me up and gave The Black Ninja a place to sleep.

That new water tank is full so I've been watering the garden beds in an effort to get some moisture down into the very dry sub-soil.

I've ordered seeds waiting for 3 deliveries as well as some swaps! Thinking about where to germinate all these incoming seeds.

The room I have my laptop in has a beautiful North (sun) facing window. I had room near it so with a bit of re-arrangement we brought in PK's old student desk and I've built a seed box for raising early seeds. I'm intending to grow them on later in the old unused hatchback car out the back. It has lots of windows and warms up really well during the day. Instructions Here.

Dug out the ground for the first of three wicking tank beds.
The ground is very rocky!!

Sunday morning the sun was out so I got stuck into the new bed for the Aussie Bush Food Bed with Luckydog's help. See the full post here.

Sorry for the delay in posting this...we've had internet connection problems all week!


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