Monday, 9 June 2008

This is More Like it!

Garden Log 8 Jun 08:

It's beginning to look a lot like winter.

Cold and wet
Temps: Max 10C and min down to 1C
Fortunately not on the same day
This week we've had 20mm of rain.

No rain Saturday so we were out
collecting wood for the fire.
The wood is from all the pruned
and fallen branches around the garden.

In the Pathside Edge Picking Bed see here:

The Roi de Carouby Snow Peas are flowering...
...a pretty change from white pea flowers.

As I pick the Broccoli there are already
little side sprouts forming for another harvest.

The mini Cauliflowers are forming.

Things are moving along with the new
Main Vegetable Garden Re-design.
See details here:

The fence is up and hoses are being redirected and/or pulled up.

While tidying up around the garden I've been popping cuttings into pots; Eremophila, Lamb's Ears, Arctotis, Southernwood, Daisies and some Wallflower that I accidentally broke off when I pulled up one of the dripper hoses. It's a bit cold for taking cuttings but at least they don't wilt at this time of the year. wink

Go here for some more Early Winter Photos.


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