Sunday, 22 June 2008

The New Rooster

A silent one...the best kind!

The latest Swap on Aussies Living Simply was for a home made item.
My collection of homemade cookies in calico bags went of to My Swap Buddy in South East Queensland and my package arrived soon after from Far North Queensland (up where our DD, PKT lives)

When I opened the huge box that it came in I found a beautiful handmade rooster weather vane made from recycled copper from an old hot water system. WOW
In the package was also some great homemade glycerin soap made from the by-product of biodiesel (vegi oil and lard) and lots of seeds for growing some unusual plants.

Doc put the rooster up on one of the new high posts on the main veg garden's new chook run...he'll be able to keep an eye on the girls there.

Thank you 'Swap Mate' for the gift.


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