Sunday, 22 June 2008

Spudz In June!

Garden Log 22 Jun 08:

We celebrated the Winter Solstice
with a chilly but sunny day in the garden.

The last 2 weeks have been damp,
No temps below zero just (0.1C)
Highest max has been 16.4C
About 7mm of rain...drizzle really!

Despite the cooler weather I've just harvested some lovely Potatoes
including some of the purple fleshed Sapphires...
these spuds grew up when I started to water Bed 2
back in February and they survived the March Heatwave.

More potatoes decided to sprout on Bed 6 a month or so ago and have been enjoying the rain so much they looked to good to leave for the frost to get them so I built a mini tunnel over the bed. Last summer's Capsicum crop is still going strong in that bed so they will appreciate the warmth too. I planted 2 rows of dwarf broad beans in the empty side of the row...they don't really need the extra warmth but I have left their planting a bit late so they might do well in there.

I've potted up a few of the Acacias, Tagasaste and Carobs
that were planted earlier
and as I had a couple of spare pots
I popped some Warrigal Greens in too.
I think there is a couple of Purple Asparagus seedlings in there too.

Last week I potted up 8 punnets of Flat Leaved Parsley
that was growing at the end of Bed 6.
Then I found another clump under one of the plum trees! rolleyes

When I was tidying up under one of the Apricot trees I noticed 6 small seedling trees growing.
So guess what? I potted those up too.
It's OK I won't be planting all of these plants out they will go to the Garden Club trading table...someone will buy them!!

The best news of the week.........

....we have our first Roi de Carouby Snow Pea! Ya!
There are others setting too. cool


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