Saturday, 21 June 2008

New Tank Beds

Last week Doc bartered a bag of his yummy homemade rolls to get a load of loam...the bloke mixed in some well rotted horse manure with it. Just the right mix to top up the tankbeds when they were moved.

This morning wasn't icy and it wasn't raining either so we decided to get stuck into this job! mrgreen
Emptying the tanks was the hardest bit coz we'd put rocks and junk into the bottoms for filling. rolleyes
When empty they rolled out easily to go over to the main veg block on the otherside of the house.
This has left an empty patch in the dog pen that Doc has been pondering about all afternoon...he's been reading the "Cob Oven' and the 'Straw Bale Building' Books (see below) and madly taking thinks he has a plan!!!!

Back to the tanks...they were refilled with some rubble (and rocks) then some of the loam, and topped with the upper layer of soil from the old tanks (this contained lots of mulch and worm castings so we didn't want to bury all that goodness).

The first tank was planted up with a Jostaberry cutting that had been sitting in a pot for a long time waiting for some decent weather to plant it out. I rescued some Strawberry plants from the bed that will be re-developed soon. These were popped around the edge and in the back (hard-to-get-to) corner a Seaside Daisy, Catmint and Variegated Society Garlic.

The other one placed at the entrance to the new Chook run contains Corn Salad, Celpar, Lettuces, Red Radicchio, Coriander with some Tree Onions and Shallots inter-mingled. Should make for a yummy Salad Picking Bed.

I topped the beds up with a layer of well rotted Chook Mulch from the Chooks' Pergola area.
These Tank Beds are labelled 'e' and 'f' on the layout map Here

Those books:
Back Yard Ovens
Small Strawbale


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