Sunday, 1 June 2008

A Mild Start to Winter

Garden Log 1 Jun 08

I've been a dweller on the plains,
have sighed when summer days were gone;
No more I'll sigh; for winter here
Hath gladsome gardens of his own.
- Dorothy Wordsworth

Winter is here today.
There's ice on the car most mornings.
No rain during the last 2 weeks.

That doesn't matter because there's 0% evaporation for the next 2 months. Whatever water gets put on the garden is available to the plants.

And don't they love that idea! Parsley on Bed 10

On Bed 6 the Capsicums are hanging in there,
some potatoes have decided to pop up with the rain
and I thought I'd dug them all out! rolleyes
I've bought some plastic to make a mini tunnel for them.

I'm already picking Kale from Bed 2 for the chooks!

Bed 10's wicking bed is powering away!

The experimental Leeks are loving the wicking bed.
On the other bed the rain has brought up lots of Coriander
from the seeds I sprinkled around!
Lots of Coriander!

Over in the Dog Pen Garden the wicking bed is great too
BUT the rain there has reminded me
how seedy that pea straw mulch was...
...peas are popping up everywhere.

During our tour (see here) of The Food Forest last month Graham Brookman said that buying in pea straw might not be a good idea because of the chance of importing insect eggs and disease into our home gardens.
Of course I heard this just after I'd covered my garden with pea straw!
Something to consider for next time...

Almost forgot to add that we harvested the yummiest Broccoli from one of the wicking boxes last weekend and there's lots more coming on in the Pathside Edge Picking Bed.


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