Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Things are moving...

Garden Log 4 May 08:

The greens in the pathside bed
have doubled their growth

with some welcome rain this week.

At last we've had an almost wet week
Total rain for the week 20mm
The garden loved it!
Hints of more to come look promising.

Cooler weather meant we really felt like getting out in the garden this weekend.

We started by taking down the shade cloth covers from all the veg beds, they had a nice rinse in the rain and now look white again instead of the red dust tinge they'd acquired. They were all folded and put into storage in the caravan.

As we removed the shadecloth we discovered some healthy Rhubarb ready to pick.

Bed 2 was full of surprises too...the Kale was well grown, the Goldfinger Zucchini had fruit on it and some volunteer potatoes are well grown and have small new potatoes under them! I'll see how long we can keep them growing before a frost gets them.

The other wicking bed on bed 10 has only been slightly raised as this is mainly for root crops and didn't need the extra compost etc that I've used in the higher beds.
It will be interesting to see how the Beetroot, Onions and Kohlrabi go here. Some Telephone climbing pea seedlings from the shadehouse were planted along the trellis.

We sorted where the new fence was to go, dug the holes and the posts are in!! Doc's measuring up for a gate for the entrance and we're hoping to re-use the mesh from the existing fenceline on this new fence. The new design will have it's own post very soon...

While Doc was off being busy in the garden I connected up the fittings for the new tank. I have run a 19mm hose along the side of the workshop to a tap for easy access.


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