Sunday, 18 May 2008

One Word Rain!

Garden Log 18 May 08

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness
s never danced in the rain.
~Author Unknown

Friday night's forecasted snow didn't happen here...
Just beautiful rain falling all weekend.
Since Friday we've had 29mm and rather chilly temps
Saturdays temps were: min 2.7C and max 11.2C Brr.

Was a bit wet to be doing too much in the garden...
however I did manage to plant
out some Roi de Carouby Snow Peas
near the back gate before the rain started.

Earlier in the week I discovered a Mistletoe
fruiting in the canopy of one of the Tagasastes
in the old chook run...
...never noticed any of these in the garden before.

The Golden Beetroot and Telephone peas
have settled into their new home on Bed 10.

And in the Edge Bed this week the Broccoli is starting to well flower I suppose.

The Carob seedlings are showing their heads!
So are the Acacia victoriae and the Tagasastes.


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