Thursday, 22 May 2008

After The Rain

Two things have recently happened in Scarecrow's Garden...
Firstly the old girl chooks have been moved back to their 'winter' run and the fence in the Main Vegetable Garden is being removed.
The second thing of importance is that it has rained, just enough to bring up some volunteer plants.

A few of these are 'weeds' - meaning I don't wish to encourage their growth as their later removal becomes very difficult (like marshmallows left) or they provide insect pests a home to overwinter, ready to pounce on my new seedlings in spring (like thistles right).

During the summer months the chook run area under the fruit trees became the dumping ground for many spent vegetables and plants, usually having gone to seed. This has meant that I'm now finding all sorts of things sprouting through the mulch layer. This morning I went searching to see just what was braving the cold weather.

Just inside the gate I found this little collection.
On closer inspection I found:

Warrigal Greens (Tetragonia tetragonoides) and Silverbeet

A Brassica?? and Sunflowers

Further along I found
Hollyhocks and Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum)

French Marigolds and Basil
It is doubtful that these will survive
the coming frosts
but we shall see what happens!

Further out of the old 'run' area on the edge beds there are many Tagasastes popping up including this little collection... eek

I can see why this plant can be a major pest in wet areas of our country. We rarely have reliable enough rains to keep all these little seedlings growing to maturity here. Some of these volunteers will be allowed to grow in-situ, but I will need to mark were they are and water them to establish them.

Most of these plants will be allowed to stay where they are...some will be dug and potted up...some mainly the 'weeds' will be removed. When more chooks are allowed back to this area there will be plenty of forage plants waiting for them and I didn't even have to plant them! cool


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