Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Ready to Plant

Garden Log: 6 Apr 08
Much cooler this week.
With a dribble of rain on Thursday 1.5mm...
...hopefully there's more to come!
Time to think about more planting

Preparation continues on the path edge-picking bed with some pelletised manure added and a quick hoe over. Added some of the in-line dripper hose and I'm ready to plant in it!

A tidy up under the back pergola to enable easier access to a table for some salad/greens pots and boxes. The table doubles as a favourite sleeping spot for Lucky Dog on hot days.
3 of the Wicking Boxes have been put here, as these contain Kale which can be picked leaf by leaf when required. With the Celpar seedlings in these boxes taking off they will provide tasty greens
Other boxes here contain Parsley and French Sorrel and other potted herbs Thyme, Mint and Tarragon.
At the end of the table (to catch any run-off water) I've placed some long tubs with Welsh Onions, Celpar and Corn Salad.

The recently planted seeds are germinating quickly...
...but cooler days are coming.

I've cleaned out the old hot house and renewed the plastic on the sides in preparation for winter. The shadecloth remains on the front because we are still having daytime temperatures around 30C (86F)

Next week should see some serious planting happening...
...with or without rain!


  1. Nice to see what you are doing Scarecrow.

  2. Hi Kate
    Yep keeping busy...hoping for rain tomorrow 70%, 5-10mm that's the best forecast we've had for a loooong time!!

  3. I to have taken the same attitude, I'm not waiting for the rain this year, I'm going to plant regardless!!

    I'm still waiting for my chooks to moult, I think they are growing new feathers but they havent lost heaps of feathers like I was expecting, especially after our couple of weeks of 40+ temps and now only in the mid to high 20's

  4. Hi Butterflygirl
    One thing you can't do and that's hurry up nature. The chooks will moult when they are ready to. :)


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