Sunday, 27 April 2008

The best thing one can do when it's raining... to let it rain. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Garden Log 27 Apr 08

The asparagus is changing colour
and is nearly ready to be cut down for winter

Saturday night it actually started raining!
6mm overnight and more on Sunday.
With a cold blast of air on Sunday.
Winter is on it's way.

Despite the recent lack of rainfall the garden has come to life. The sun has lost it's summer force. Evaporation rates are dropping. The Autumn growth flush. The garden is surviving on it's once weekly dripper sessions and little additional hand watering is needed.

I'm grateful again for the wicking beds and boxes I took the time to build. They are growing away and only requiring topping up every two or three weeks.

I've raised two of the outside wicking-beds to give a deeper growing area.

The first one at the end of March has settled down well and the brassicas etc are loving it...minor grasshopper damage but still going strong.

A new one built up on Bed 10 this week has been planted up...

In the Pathside Picking Bed the warmer weather has kept the Cabbage white butterflies and grasshoppers active...hopefully this weekend's weather change will discourage these beasties.

I've soaked and planted a collection of legume tree seeds:
  • Tagasaste - Chamaecytisus palmensis,
  • Acacia - acinacea, A. saligna and A. victoriae
  • Siberian Pea tree - Caragana arborescens
  • Carob - Ceratonia siliqua which although a legume doesn't fix nitrogen here.

That new tank is all connected and filling up with this rain...
...we got it connected just in time!
Thanks Doc!

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