Tuesday, 18 March 2008

We've Been to Nirvana.

Some how it didn't seem quite so hot there...

...Sunday 16 March Doc and I surfaced early (before 5 am) to leave on the dot of 6 am for the trip down to the big smoke. Fortunately that meant travelling before the heat got too bad and we actually arrived at the hills site early!
Deb Cantrill was hosting a visit from The Hills and Plains Seedsavers group and gave us a delightful tour of this incredibly diverse Bio-Dynamic Farm.

Memories struggled to surface of my childhood visits to my Uncle's apple orchard in this area but they were too distant.

Some of the features that got my attention were:

The truly 'free range' poultry

Wonderful and useful water features...

...even some tadpoles!

Hebe's Possum!
(yes, that was what all that barking was about)

And even a couple of relatives!

Thank you Deb and Quentin for a glimpse of your life at Nirvana Organic Farm!


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