Sunday, 2 March 2008

That was February; That was Summer

Garden Log: 2 Mar 08

That was February

That was Summer
Roll on Autumn

The average max temperature for Feb was 28.5C
our average is 30C so it was a bit cooler than normal.
Lowest minimum was 7.5C and lowest max 17.5C
Total rainfall for the 3 months of summer was 27.6mm
Our average for summer is 63.8mm.
The weather is already showing signs of Autumn
with much cooler nights.

No seed planting during this busy week.
Trimmed back an Elderberry and took some cuttings;
tidied around its base and cleared and planted the area next to it.

Spent some time just observing the garden this week:

Increase in Bee activity

Strawberries are sending out runners
- these are my 'stock' plants that are not allowed to flower.
Aphids are attracted to the flowers and aphids spread diseases.

Larger clay pots are working well
- 2 of the smaller ones in the tank beds
don't appear to be 'leaking' enough...

William Pears are ripening
- a treat whilst wandering round the garden!

Something (Blackbirds??) is scratching the mulch
on bed 8 around the newly planted Lucerne;
no damage to the plants yet.

The end Cherry tree I moved in bed 8 has sprouted new leaves
- I only moved it because when I pulled it up I saw new growth
on what I thought was a dead twig!

San Marzano Tomatoes from the late planting slowly ripening!

A tiny lettuce seedling has volunteered
in one of the potted Thymes.
Another freebie!

A few Vine Moth Caterpillars are on the Grapevines
- unless the numbers build up I shall just remove these by hand.
At this time of the year they don't do much damage
and the leaves will soon fall.


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