Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Just One Word...HOT...

Hot Chillies...just like the weather!

Garden Log: 10 Mar 08

With temperatures of more than 35C predicted
for the rest of this week it looks like this summer
just doesn't want to let go.
Just when we thought we were heading into winter
this last blast of heat will certainly spell the end
for most summer crops in the garden.

Or will it?

The Capsicum in the Dog Pen Tank Beds is thriving
but hasn't fruited much with the cooler summer
maybe this autumn heatwave will bring on some fruit.
The Ginger that's been growing slowly in a large pot
has decided to take off...
it will be moved into the houthouse before the cold sets in.

Last week I noted that Bed 8 was being visited by the birds
and the mulch was scratched up
so I cleared the tiny Lucerne plants
and placed a cut down juice bottle around them.
This should stop them being dug up.

In the main Vegetable Garden the volunteer Pumpkins on Bed 4
are deciding to fruit...normally I wouldn't bother
but who knows how long this heat will last.
The Cox's Orange Pippin apples are ripening quickly in the heat.
That Kale in the wicking boxes hasn't been watered for ten days
through this heatwave and I'm picking leaves already.
The Celpar's still growing strong.

Excitement in the shadehouse
with some Royal Leek bulblets I found in one of the tank beds
and potted up are sprouting just 5 days later...
...and some Mini Purplette and Red Stem Welsh Onions
have germinated in that time too.

exclaimexclaimexclaim BUT exclaimexclaimexclaim

The biggest surprise of all
is the fact that the second planting
of Lucerne Sequel seeds I planted on Sunday
were already germinating 24 hours later!!!!!!


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