Monday, 31 March 2008

Dry But Chilly

Garden Log: 30 Mar 08

It's been dry all week (again!! or should that be still!)
So much cooler now though.
Touch of Ice on Thursday
a gentle reminder of what's to come.
Since Monday the temperature hasn't gone above 20C (68F)

With two extra days last weekend (for Easter) I got Doc out in the garden to help tidy up some branches that had come off the gum trees out the front. We've salvaged the bigger branches and I noticed him eyeing them off for some future projects. I wonder what he has in mind???

This has meant the garden has more light now and also that I need to get planting a lower growing bush/shrub layer of plants to fill the more gum trees though!
Possibly some acacias, eremophilas and melaleucas as these are tough and water-wise.

I've collected some Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) seeds from the large trees that line our main street. These aren't natives but they are very drought tolerant once established, together with some of my home saved Tagasaste (Chamaecytisus palmensis) seeds, these will be planted in the chook runs for extra shade and fodder.

I finally managed to get the oldest Wicking Bed re-built and have planted it up with some Brussels Sprout, January King and Red Cabbage seedlings that were way over-due their planting out time but I'll see how they go...the chooks will like the greens if they don't come to much.
Some Silverbeet seedlings went into the bed too for some picking and over-the-fence-food for the chooks.

I'm slowly developing the pathside beds in the Pergola Garden as a path-side-picking-bed as it's a frequently used leads to the clothes line and is just outside the backdoor.
It's part of my permaculture upgrade for zone 1. I'm developing this area as part of my homework for the design course I'm studying through Permaculture Visions.

Part of this upgrade has included a new wicking tub made from an old washing machine tub.
This was made in a similar way to these wicking boxes.
It seems to be working well and I planted a rescued parsley plant into it the other day.

I've planted some greens seed into larger plastic containers with the intention of planting the whole lot into this (and another one I have yet to build) for salad clipping beds!

Seeds planted were:
  • Beetroot - Cylindra and Heirloom Mixed (for beet greens)
  • (Kate's) Giant Red Mustard
  • Kohlrabi - Purple
  • Asian Greens - Pak Choi and Wong Bok
  • Mesclun Mild Mix - a mixture of Letuces - Cos/Purple Oakleaf/Red Coral, Red Orach, Red Radicchio, Tatsio and Mizuna.

I would really like some rain soon to make all this garden grow.


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